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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s quick and very easy! As soon as we receive your payment your contract will be added to your profile, and you can immediately start mining. Depending on the blockchain algorithm you select and the associated mining service agreement you enter into, you can either mine native cryptocurrencies directly or allocate your acecotradehub.com to other cryptocurrencies (marked with AUTO), and even choose a specific allocation for them.

Remark: Every day of mining will be processed and sent to your account in the following 24 hours after the mining day is over

Besides the fact that we ourselves mine with the very same hardware that we offer to our clients, our capital is limited. We believe that Bitcoin and Altcoin mining is one of the best ways to receive Cryptocurrencies, however, we do not want to “put all our eggs in one basket”.

It is always possible that mining hardware crashes, slows down or completely breaks. In all these cases, our algorithms ensure that other miners are allocated to the relevant pools to fully compensate for possible acecotradehub.com loss. This way our clients will not lose a second of mining time.

Mining outputs are generated daily, but you will receive your outputs only once they have accumulated to a certain quantity. These minimum mining outputs are set in order to avoid that customers pay excessive fees for receiving small amounts in their wallets.

Yes, we offer a 5% referral commission whenever a new investor registers with your referral code and invest.

Some of our products have a maintenance fee attached. The maintenance fee covers all costs related to mining including, inter alia: electricity cost cooling maintenance work hosting services The fee is fixed in USD but deducted from the daily mining rewards in the natively mined coin on a daily basis. You will find the maintenance fee details of your chosen contract in the Terms of Service before the purchase

The results of cryptocurrency mining highly depend on the price and the network difficulties of the given cryptocurrencies that you are mining. Neither of those can be predicted, so each customer must make an independent decision about the benefits of cryptocurrency mining and, in doing so, should consider the risks and their own circumstance when choosing whether to mine.

We currently accept the following payment methods:
Perfect Money, cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash

Due to increased scam in the mining industry, we understand that this question is quite obvious. With an extensive experience of more than 5 years, acecotradehub.com possesses 1500+ well-qualified IT professionals. acecotradehub.coms is backed by Cyfuture, a leader in running and managing data centers across the globe for thousands of customers. Therefore, you are completely secured and are in safe hands with the investment in acecotradehub.com.

If the legal requirements arise in future you may be asked to provide the identity documents (Photo ID, Address Proof, Passport, Driving License... etc) for your identification for initiating the process of KYC.

Yes, for investments above $4,000. acecotradehub.com will take full responsibility if any issue arise in the future.